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Ruby on Rails Development & Consulting

Ruby on Rails or RoR is one of the renowned open source software frameworks formulated in the object oriented general-purpose programming language, Ruby. This MVC framework is ideal for building powerful web applications in a jiffy. RoR is compatible with popular web standards like XML, HTML, CSS, Javascript and many more. The highly scalable RoR can come in handy irrespective of whether you are in need of developing a CMS, corporate website, a chat platform or even an e-commerce website.

There are several benefits tagged with Ruby on Rails that makes it a perfect framework for web development. To start with, RoR is developed in such a manner so as to mitigate the overhead with respect to most of the common web development activities. The less coding requirement in Ruby on Rails when compared with other web application frameworks is also a notable aspect.

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MAPICOS is one of the pioneers in mobile, web application development. We have solved various pertinent challenges and are looking forward for more.


For us, it’s all about testing, experimenting, versatility & efficiency – this sets the foundation for our workflow & is inevitable to achieve success on the web.


We believe in constant collaboration throughout the project to bring out any room for improvement and to adapt to evolving needs.


  • We maintain a team of expert RoR developers who can turn your idea into reality faster than ever before.
  • MAPICOS has more than 5000 hours of Ruby on Rails experience from 5+ clients.
  • Maintains dedicated QA for Ruby on Rails projects.
  • Saves Money

    Ruby on Rails framework is totally free and it is compatible with Linux which is an open-source platform.
  • Saves Time

    The framework is easy to handle and easily takes a chunk out of your development cycle.
  • Plug & Play Apps

    Ruby on Rails is the ideal means to develop plug and play applications.
  • Code Optimization

    Less coding requirement in Ruby on Rails when compared with other web application frameworks.
  • Functionality Richness

    Different plug-ins provides custom features/functionalities without the need of writing code from scratch.
  • Ideal Framework

    A perfect framework for web development that minimizes most of the web development overheads.

Our services are backed by developers with more than 5 years experience to give you the best development standards. "WE GET IT GOING & KEEP IT GOING".

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