Elgg Custom Development

Elgg is an open source social networking software, which is open source and specially designed for creating social networks and applications. It has a wide range of enriched features and tools that pave a way for you to connect collaborate and share socially. Elgg is considered to be an ideal solution for developing an online social environment.

Why Elgg?

  • Elgg is the right open source social networking software to build social networks for their own groups, workplace, or friends.
  • Elgg is the ideal choice if you have your own web server and some technical background.
  • With ‘n’ number of features, Elgg is regarded as the best platform to build online communities.
  • Elgg differs from a regular weblog or a commercial social network with its degree of control each user is given over that can access their content.


  • Highly skilled and rightly trained team of Elgg developers
  • Consistent support and services throughout the course of project development.
  • MAPICOS has more than 10000 hours of Elgg experience from 40+ clients.
  • A dedicated Elgg development team including a team lead, Project Manager and dedicated QA

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