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Android Development Services

Android is one of the most successful mobile operating system of the present day. It is a software stack for handheld devices such as Tablets, Smartphones, Phablets etc. It comprises of an operating system, key applications and a middle ware. It allows devices to communicate each other enabling rich peer-to-peer social applications.

We have a good team of designers and developers dedicated to Android Development. They create amazing applications and application extensions to mobile phone applications with incomparable functionalities. We take advantage of the open source code of Android OS to create different types of utilities and applications for mobile phones and PDA’s.

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MAPICOS is one of the pioneers in mobile, web application development. We have solved various pertinent challenges and are looking forward for more.


For us, it’s all about testing, experimenting, versatility & efficiency – this sets the foundation for our workflow & is inevitable to achieve success on the web.


We believe in constant collaboration throughout the project to bring out any room for improvement and to adapt to evolving needs.


  • We have a core team of designers and android developers who are avidly interested in Android Development.
  • We develop innovative applications and extensions to android mobile phone applications with boundless functionalities.
  • Entrust us with all your requirements and ideas pertinent to Android applications and we assure to make it a reality.
  • Minimal Investment, Max ROI

    Android application development requires minimal investment the popularity of pertinent market ensures ideal ROI.
  • Versatility

    Android applications are known for its versatility as the platform is readily available for customization.
  • Multiple Marketing Channels

    With Android application development, you are looking at endless opportunities for marketing and commercialization.
  • Open Source

    The android SDK architecture is open source and hence you can easily updated and configure it.
  • Social Applications

    Develop a rich peer-to-peer social application, as android is the ideal way to go about.
  • Worldwide Exposure

    Android development has surpassed barriers among mobile phones and mobile computing devices in a short duration.

Our services are backed by developers with more than 5 years experience to give you the best development standards. "WE GET IT GOING & KEEP IT GOING".

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