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Ember JS is a Model View Controller (MVC) based javascript application framework ideal for developing versatile single page web applications. One of the characteristics associated with Ember JS is that, it can be used for developing both desktop and mobile applications. Furthermore, the Ember JS framework encourages using the best coding practices by providing the best result with minimum effort and time. This Javascript framework, built with productivity and programmer ergonomics at heart can be an ideal solution to developing ambitious web applications. There are several features associated with Ember JS that makes it an exclusive javascript framework to turn to. One of the important one among these is the ability of the Ember JS to make Handlebars template look even more appealing. Ember JS achieves this by cross referencing the HTML of your web app with the respective underlying model and by ensuring that the HTML stays updated.

Why Ember JS?

  • Ember JS gives you components that enable you to customize the HTML tags and to mark it up using handlebars.
  • Eases the multi-page javascript application development, you can create robust application with minimum lines of code.
  • Supports quick web application development and deployment as it conjugate good coding practices and common idioms.
  • Minimizes the time required to load data from server.


  • Highly skilled and rightly trained team of Ember JS developers
  • Consistent support and services throughout the course of project development.
  • MAPICOS has more than 2000 hours of EmberJS experience from 20+ clients.
  • A dedicated Ember JS development team including a team lead & Project Manager.

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