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MySQL, an open source RDBMS or relational database management system is the widely used open source client-server RDBMS across the globe. Widely preferred as the database for most of the web applications, popularity of MySQL is peaking with time. MySQL is also the pivotal link that bonds together the individual components of LAMP application stack like Linux, Apache, MySQL and perl/PHP/Python. Today, there are several applications that use this database and the prominent ones in this list include: Joomla, WordPress, Drupal etc. You can also associate the usage of this relational database with the web giants like Google, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Why MySQL?

MySQL is ideally tagged with several benefits:

  • Easy to use: MySQL is really easy to digest. You can master it with basic knowledge about SQL.
  • Versatility: MySQL can easily handle large amount of data. Technically up to 8TB.
  • Cheap and Secure: MySQL is embedded with data security layers that make it resistant to attacks or intrusions. MySQL can also be downloaded for free.
  • Efficient memory management: MySQL is designed to manage memory effectively without any leaks.


  • We possess experienced project managers with 10+ years of experience in managing relational database management systems like MySQL, MongoDB & Posgresql.
  • Each developer at MAPICOS has experience in managing and handling relational database management systems like MySQL, PostgreSQL etc.
  • Highly skilled and rightly trained team of MySQL developers.

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