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MAPICOS provide end to end solutions which help organizations to competently collaborate and communicate with the various functional areas within the organization and with business partners in their value chains. Effective use of Web and Mobile Technology automations that allows organizations to manage their Supply Chain, Resource Planning and Customer Relationships with expertise, thereby reducing inventory, overheads, productivity loses and cycle times leading to increased revenues and profits. At MAPICOS we take care of each project as if it’s our own. We Make sure that each and every aspect of the project is perfect as per the customer’s requirement. We assist our customers in making the right choice to complete the project on budget. We also make sure that the project is completed on time.

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Founder's Message

"I personally welcome you to MAPICOS.

MAPICOS, a dream turned reality, thanks to the hard work of my dedicated team. We have achieved a lot over the past 4 years. As I see it, growth is not all about earning money, it relates to making customers happy and increasing business coupled with success for our partners. With our association I intend to make you a part of an exciting, ever growing industry and an ambitious organization that takes pride in operational excellence and client satisfaction.

Let's join hands to turn your thoughts into reality.

  • Kris
  • Founder & CEO


Simplifying IT with innovation & technology

We work towards converting cumbersome, complicated IT systems currently in use to simple, reliable, customer-friendly yet robust solutions which will make you to stand out of box and reduce the revenue funnels which eats up your profits.


To be the most successful, reliable technology company to deliver great Services & solutions to our clients by emphasizing on our core strengths - Commitment, Expertise, Quality & Innovation.

Our Core Values


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  • Genuine Care

    MAPICOS take atmost care of each project, we work on each project with love and passion.We consider each project as if it’s our own and make sure each and every aspect of the project is perfect through testing.

  • On Time Delivery

    Off the shelf software solutions might not be able to satisfy the unique needs of a customer. User interface for any project is designed at MAPICOS only after careful examination and understanding of the customer’s requirement.


  • Your Problems Solved

    MAPICOS takes care to provide the highest quality while respecting customer deadlines. We allocate time for each phase of the project, we make sure each phase is completed within the allocated time.

  • We Know Budget Matters

    MAPICOS makes the right choice of technology & resources so that the project is done within customers budget.We invest wisely in right tools to ensure highest quality product development on time and budget.

  • Reliability & Expertise

    Our teams combine cutting edge technology skills with rich domain expertise. We share a strong customer orientation & Satisfaction which means we actually always listen to the customer makes us one of the reliable software development firm.

  • The Human Touch

    People!!! IT is a form of achieving creativity by coding. We believe that any business or endeavor would succeed if we could meet the expectations of the stakeholders involved. We care for both the ends!!!

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